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give in

phrasal verb with give uk /ɡɪv/ us /ɡɪv/ verb gave, given


B1 to finally agree to what someone wants, after refusing for a period of time

He nagged me so much for a new bike that eventually I gave in. 他没完没了地缠着我要一辆新自行车,我最后只好答应了。
The government cannot be seen as giving in to terrorists' demands. 政府是不会让步答应恐怖分子的要求的。

Más ejemplos

  • After a heated debate, the employers gave in to the union's demands.
  • I don't think he will give in to your requests if you keep pestering him.
  • He gave in to my suggestion after I had shown him the plans.
  • Keep asking and eventually she'll give in.
  • The government finally gave in to the company's plea for help.


B2 to accept that you have been defeated and agree to stop competing or fighting

You'll never guess the answer - do you give in? 你永远也猜不到答案的——你认输吗?
She wouldn't give in until she received a full apology. 她得不到正式道歉是不会善罢罢休的。

Más ejemplos

  • He held the other wrestler in a headlock until he gave in.
  • The enemy troops weren't prepared to give in without a fight.
  • After struggling with the crossword for an hour, she finally gave in and looked at the answers.
  • She refused to give in, and finally got the opportunity she was looking for.
  • If your application is rejected this year, don't give in. You can apply again next year.

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