Traducción de "guarantee" - Diccionario inglés-chino mandarín


verb [ T ] (PROMISE) 保证 uk us /ˌɡær.ənˈtiː/

If a product is guaranteed, the company that made it promises to repair or change it if a fault develops within a particular period of time

The fridge is guaranteed for three years. 这台冰箱保修期是3年。

to promise that something will happen or exist

[ + two objects ] European Airlines guarantees its customers top-quality service. 欧洲航空公司保证为乘客提供最好的服务。
The label on this bread says it is guaranteed free of/from preservatives (= it contains no preservatives). 这种面包的标签上写着保证不含防腐剂。

If you guarantee someone's debt, you formally promise to accept the responsibility for that debt if the person fails to pay it.


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