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uk /haʊl/ us /haʊl/

howl verb (PERSON/ANIMAL)

[ I ] If a dog or wolf howls, it makes a long, sad sound.

In the silence of the night, a lone wolf howled. 在寂静的夜里,一只孤独的狼在嚎叫。

[ I or T ] to make a loud sound, usually to express pain, sadness, or another strong emotion

An injured dog lay in the middle of the road, howling with/in pain. 一只受伤的狗躺在路中间,痛苦地嚎叫着。
We were howling with laughter. 我们放声大笑。
figurative The opposition howled down the government's proposal (= shouted loudly to express disapproval). 反对党大声抗议,反对政府的提案。

howl verb (WIND)

[ I ] If the wind howls, it blows hard and makes a lot of noise.

Is there someone outside, or is it just the wind howling in the trees? 是有人在外面,还是只是风在树林里呼啸?


uk /haʊl/ us /haʊl/

[ C ] a long, loud, sad sound

the howl of the wind in the trees 树林中风的呼啸声
He leaves his dog shut up in the house all day, and we can hear its howls. 他一整天都把他的狗关在屋子里,我们能听到它的嚎叫声。
She let out a howl of pain. 她疼得大声号叫。

[ C usually plural ] a strong expression of emotion, such as anger or disagreement

Plans to build a new supermarket have been greeted with howls of protest from local residents. 建一座新超市的计划受到了当地居民的强烈抗议。

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