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inheritancenoun [ C usually singular, U ]

uk /ɪnˈher.ɪ.təns/ us /ɪnˈher.ɪ.təns/

inheritance noun [ C usually singular, U ] (FROM DEAD PERSON)

C2 money or objects that someone gives you when they die

The large inheritance from his aunt meant that he could buy his own boat. 从姑母那里继承的大笔遗产意味着他可以给自己买艘船了。
At 21 she came into her inheritance (= it was given to her). 她21岁时继承了遗产。

inheritance noun [ C usually singular, U ] (QUALITY)

a physical or mental characteristic inherited from your parents, or the process by which this happens

genetic inheritance 基因遗传
A particular gene is responsible for the inheritance of eye colour. 眼睛颜色的遗传取决于特定的基因。

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