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verb [ I ] uk /ˌɪn.tə.rɪˈleɪt/ us /ˌɪn.t̬ɚ.rɪˈleɪt/

to be connected in such a way that each thing has an effect on or depends on the other

Children need to be educated about the way that diet and health interrelate. 应该教育儿童懂得饮食和健康是如何相互关联的。
interrelated adjective uk /ˌɪn.tə.rɪˈleɪ.tɪd/ us /ˌɪn.t̬ɚ.rɪˈleɪ.t̬ɪd/

interrelated problems/issues/activities 相互关联的问题/事项/活动

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