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lakenoun [ C ]

uk /leɪk/ us /leɪk/

A2 a large area of water surrounded by land and not connected to the sea except by rivers or streams

We used to go boating on that lake. 我们过去常去那个湖里划船。
Lake Windermere 温德米尔湖
milk, oil, wine, etc. lake disapproving

an amount of a liquid produced that is more than is needed, so that it has to be stored or wasted

Overproduction caused butter mountains and wine lakes. 生产过剩导致黄油堆积如山、葡萄酒汇流成河。

Más ejemplos

  • She dived into the still water of the lake.
  • The hotel is in a lovely location overlooking the lake.
  • These plants are found in fresh water lakes and rivers .
  • The lake sparkled in the bright/brilliant sunlight.
  • The body of the missing woman was recovered from a lake near her home.

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