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uk /ˈmeɪ.dʒər/ us /ˈmeɪ.dʒɚ/

major adjective (IMPORTANT)

B2 [ before noun ] more important, bigger, or more serious than others of the same type

All of her major plays have been translated into English. 她的主要剧本都被译成了英文。
Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. 糖是造成蛀牙的主要原因。
There are two problems with this situation, one major, one minor. 这一情况牵涉到两个问题,一个主要的,一个次要的。
Citrus fruits are a major source of vitamin C. 柑橘类水果是维生素C的重要来源。
There has been a major change in attitudes recently. 态度近来有重大改变。
The United States is a major influence in the United Nations. 美国是联合国中有重要影响的国家。

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major adjective (MUSIC)

[ after noun ] music belonging or relating to a musical scale that is generally thought to have a happy sound

the key of C major C大调
a concerto in A major A 大调协奏曲

majornoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmeɪ.dʒər/ us /ˈmeɪ.dʒɚ/

major noun [ C ] (OFFICER)

also Major an officer of middle rank in the British, US, and many other armed forces

Her father was a major in the Scots Guards. 她父亲是苏格兰近卫团的少校。
Major Winters/Richard Winters 我去年见过琼斯少校。
[ as form of address ] Thank you, Major. 谢谢你,琼斯少校。

major noun [ C ] (SPECIAL SUBJECT)

US the most important subject that a college or university student is studying, or the student himself or herself

What is your major, English or French? 你的专业是英语还是法语?
She was a philosophy major at an Ivy League college. 她曾在一所长春藤大学主修哲学。


uk /ˈmeɪ.dʒər/ us /ˈmeɪ.dʒɚ/
major in sth US

B2 to study something as your main subject at college or university

She majored in philosophy at Harvard. 她曾在哈佛大学主修哲学。

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