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noun (SITUATION) 情况 uk us /ˈmæt.ər/ US  /ˈmæt̬.ɚ/

[ C ] a situation or subject which is being dealt with or considered

Could I talk to you about a personal matter? 我能和你谈件私事吗?
Alois denied any knowledge of the matter. 阿洛伊斯否认对此事知情。
Will you phone me back - it's a matter of some importance. 你能给我回电话吗——有比较重要的事。
Talking about the world's problems is one thing, but solving them is another matter altogether (= is completely different). 谈论世界所面临的问题是一回事,而解决它们却完全是另一回事。
matters [ plural ]

the situation being dealt with or being discussed

Her resignation is not going to help matters. 她的辞职无助于解决问题。
to make matters worse

used to say that something has made a bad or difficult situation worse

Three of our players were ill, and to make matters worse, our main scorer had broken his ankle. 我们的3名队员病了,更糟的是,主要得分手摔断了脚踝。
be a matter of confidence/luck/waiting, etc.

If something is a matter of confidence/luck/waiting, etc. that is all you need for it to happen

Baking a cake isn't difficult - it's just a matter of following the recipe. 烤蛋糕并不难——只需照着烹饪指南做就行。
be no laughing matter

to be very serious and not a situation that people should joke about

Being arrested by the police is no laughing matter. 被警方逮捕可不是开玩笑的事。

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