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modal verb (POSSIBILITY) 可能性 uk us /meɪ/

used to express possibility

There may be other problems that we don't know about. 可能有我们不知道的其他问题。
I may see you tomorrow before I leave. 明天我走前也许还能见到你。
The cause of the accident may never be discovered. 事故的原因也许永远无法查清。
The explosion may have been caused by a faulty electrical connection. 爆炸可能是由电路连接错误引起的。
We'd better not interfere - she may not like it. 我们最好别干涉——她可能会不高兴。
There may be some evidence to suggest she's guilty, but it's hardly conclusive. 也许有迹象显示她有罪,但不怎么令人信服。
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