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uk /peɪs/ us /peɪs/

pace noun (SPEED)

B2 [ U ] the speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or changes

a slow/fast pace 慢/快步
When she thought she heard someone following her, she quickened her pace. 她觉得听见有人在尾随她,便加快了脚步。
Could you slow down - I can't keep pace with (= walk or run as fast as) you. 您能走慢一点儿吗——我跟不上您。
For many years this company has set the pace (= has been the most successful company) in the communications industry. 多年来该公司在电信业一直处于领先地位。
These changes seem to me to be happening at too fast a pace. 这些变化在我看来发生得也太快了。
I don't like the pace of modern life. 我不喜欢现代生活的节奏。
See also
force the pace

to make other people in a race go faster by going faster yourself


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pace noun (STEP)

[ C ] a single step, or the distance you move when you take a single step

Take two paces forwards/backwards. 向前/向后迈两步。
The runner collapsed just a few paces from the finish. 那名赛跑选手在距终点线只有几步之遥的地方倒下了。


uk /peɪs/ us /peɪs/

pace verb (SPEED)

[ T ] to get someone to run a race at a particular speed, for example by running with them

pace yourself

C2 to be careful not to do something too quickly, so that you do not get too tired to finish it

No more soup, thank you. I'm pacing myself so that I have room for a dessert. 不要加汤了,谢谢!我在调整我的进食量,以便再吃些点心。

pace verb (STEP)

C2 [ I + adv/prep, T ] to walk with regular steps in one direction and then back again, usually because you are worried or nervous

He paced the room nervously. 他紧张地在房间里来回踱步。
He paced up and down, waiting for the doctor to call. 他踱来踱去,等着医生叫他的名字。

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