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peoplenoun [ plural ]

uk /ˈpiː.pəl/ us /ˈpiː.pəl/

A1 men, women, and children

Many people never do any exercise. 许多人从来不做任何运动。
We've invited 30 people to our party. 我们邀请了30个人来参加聚会。

used to refer to everyone, or informally to the group that you are speaking to

People will think you've gone mad. 人们会以为你疯了。
People like to be made to feel important. 人们都喜欢被别人看重。
Now that we've discussed our problems, are people happy with the decisions we've made? 我们既已讨论完存在的问题,大家对所作的决定还满意吗?

men and women who are involved in a particular type of work

We'll have to get the people at the city council to look at these plans. 我们必须请税务局的人来查看一下这些账目。
Most of her friends are media people. 她的大部分朋友都是传媒界人士。
the people

C1 the large number of ordinary men and women who do not have positions of power in society

She claims to be the voice of the people. 她自称是老百姓的代言人。
The president has lost the support of the people. 总统失去了人民的支持。
the people's Princess 平民王妃
sb's people informal

the people someone is related to

Her people come from Scotland originally. 她家人原籍为苏格兰。

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peoplenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈpiː.pəl/ us /ˈpiː.pəl/

all the men, women, and children who live in a particular country, or who have the same culture or language

The French are known as a food-loving people. 法国人是众所周知的热爱美食的民族。

a society

Customs similar to this one are found among many peoples of the world. 类似这样的风俗在世界上的许多民族中都能见到。

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