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persuadeverb [ T ]

uk /pəˈsweɪd/ us /pɚˈsweɪd/

B1 to make someone do or believe something by giving them a good reason to do it or by talking to that person and making them believe it

If she doesn't want to go, nothing you can say will persuade her. 如果她不想去,你说什么也劝不动她。
[ + (that) ] It's no use trying to persuade him (that) you're innocent. 试图让他相信你无辜是徒劳的。
[ + to infinitive ] He is trying to persuade local and foreign businesses to invest in the project. 他正在努力说服国内外商人投资该项目。
Using a bunch of bananas, the zoo-keeper persuaded the monkey back into its cage. 动物园管理员用一串香蕉诱使猴子回到了笼子里。
formal The first priority is to persuade the management of the urgency of this matter. 首先要考虑的是要让管理层认识到事情的紧迫性。
Her legal advisers persuaded her into/out of mentioning (= to mention/not to mention) the names of the people involved in the robbery. 她的法律顾问劝她说出/不要说出参与抢劫的人的名字。

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