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uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

plain adjective (WITH NOTHING ADDED)

B1 not decorated in any way; with nothing added

She wore a plain black dress. 她穿着一件朴素的黑色连衣裙。
We've chosen a plain carpet (= one without a pattern) and patterned curtains. 我们挑了一块没有图案的地毯和带图案的窗帘。
He prefers plain food - nothing too fancy. 他喜欢清淡简单的食物——不喜欢太花哨的。
We're having plain blue walls in the dining room. 我们现在客厅里的墙壁是纯蓝色的。
a catalogue sent in a plain brown envelope 用朴素的褐色信封发出去的目录
a plain style of architecture 简朴的建筑风格
plain yogurt (= with no added fruit or sugar) 原味酸奶
plain paper

paper that has no lines on it

a letter written on plain paper 用白纸写的一封信

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plain adjective (CLEAR)

C2 obvious and clear to understand

It's quite plain that they don't want to speak to us. 很明显,他们不想和我们说话。
The reason is perfectly plain. 原因很清楚。
I made it quite plain (that) (= explained clearly that) I wasn't interested. 我明白地表示我不感兴趣。

plain adjective (COMPLETE)

[ before noun ] (used for emphasis) complete

It was plain stupidity on Richard's part. 理查德德愚蠢至极。

plain adjective (NOT BEAUTIFUL)

C2 (especially of a woman or girl) not beautiful

She had been a very plain child. 她过去是个并不漂亮的孩子。
a plain Jane

a woman or girl who is not attractive

If she'd been a plain Jane, she wouldn't have had all the attention. 如果她象平凡的珍妮,她就不会成为关注的焦点。


uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/

plain noun (LAND)

[ C ] also plains [ plural ] a large area of flat land

the coastal plain 海边的平原
High mountains rise above the plain. 高山从平原拔地而起。

plain noun (STITCH)

[ U ] a type of simple stitch in knitting

a row of plain and two rows of purl 一排平针两排反针


uk /pleɪn/ us /pleɪn/ informal


I mean, taking the wrong equipment with you - that's just plain stupid. 我的意思是,你拿错仪器简直是愚蠢透顶。

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