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uk /plɑːnt/ us /plænt/

plant noun (LIVING THING)

A1 [ C ] a living thing that grows in earth, in water, or on other plants, usually has a stem, leaves, roots, and flowers, and produces seeds

native plants and animals 当地的植物和动物
garden/greenhouse/indoor plants 花园/温室/室内植物
a tomato plant 一株西红柿
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[ U ] machines used in industry

The industry was accused of having invested little in workers, plant, or infrastructure. 工业界被指责在工人、工厂和基础设施方面投入太少。

[ C ] a factory in which a particular product is made or power is produced

Two more car-assembly plants were closed by the strike. 另有两家汽车装配厂因罢工而关闭。

[ U ] UK a large, heavy machine or vehicle used in industry, for building roads, etc.

The sign by the roadworks said "Slow - heavy plant crossing". 道路工程旁边的告示牌上写着“减速——前方有重型施工机械”。
The firm's main business was plant hire. 这家公司的主要业务是设备租赁。

plant noun (PUT SECRETLY)

[ C usually singular ] something illegal or stolen that has been put secretly in a person's clothing or among the things that belong to them to make them seem guilty of a crime

He insisted the money was a plant. 他坚持说那些钱是别人给他栽的赃。


uk /plɑːnt/ us /plænt/

plant verb (LIVING THING)

B1 [ T ] to put a plant into the ground or into a container of soil so that it will grow

We planted trees and bushes in our new garden. 我们在新花园里种了树和灌木。
Hyacinth bulbs planted in pots now will flower early in the spring. 如果现在种在花盆里,风信子的球茎会在早春开花。

[ T ] If you plant a particular area, you put plants into the ground there.

The plot was surrounded by a stone wall and planted with flowering trees. 那个地方围着石墙,种着繁花盛开的树。
a densely planted garden (= one in which the plants are close together) 花木茂密的花园

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plant verb (PUT)

[ T + adv/prep ] to put something firmly and strongly in a particular place

My brother planted himself on the sofa in front of the television. 我哥哥坐在了电视机前的沙发上。
He planted a kiss on her forehead/a blow on his opponent's jaw. 他在她的额头上吻了一下/一拳打在对手的下巴上。

C2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to cause an idea or story to exist

That incident planted doubts about him in my mind. 这件事让我对他产生了怀疑。
Who planted these rumours? 谁制造了这些谣言?

plant verb (PUT SECRETLY)

[ T usually + adv/prep ] informal to put something or someone in a position secretly, especially in order to deceive someone

She insisted that the drugs had been planted on her without her knowledge. 她坚持说在她毫不知晓的情况下,有人把毒品栽赃于她。

B2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] informal to put a bomb somewhere so that it will explode there

The bomb was planted in the station waiting room. 炸弹被放置在车站的候车室内。

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