Traducción de "please" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


exclamation uk us /pliːz/

used to make a request more polite

Could I have two cups of coffee and a tea, please? 给我来两杯咖啡、一杯茶好吗?
Please remember to close the windows before you leave. 您离开前请记住关上窗户。

used to add force to a request or demand

Please, David, put the knife down. 求求你,戴维,把刀放下。
Oh, please. Do shut up! 好了,别说了!

UK used especially by children to a teacher or other adult in order to get their attention

Please, Miss, I know the answer! 我来说,老师,我知道答案!

used when accepting something politely or enthusiastically

"More potatoes?" "Please." “再来点儿土豆?”“好的。”
"May I bring my husband?" "Please do." “我可以带我丈夫来吗?”“当然可以。”
mainly UK "Oh, yes please, " shouted the children. “哦,太好了,”孩子们叫道。

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