Traducción de "plume" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


noun uk us /pluːm/

[ C usually plural ] a large feather

fans made of ostrich plumes 驼鸟羽毛做的扇子
→ See also nom de plume

[ C ] a decoration which looks like several large feathers tied together and which is worn on the heads of horses or the hats of soldiers during particular ceremonies

The coffin was drawn by horses with black plumes. 灵柩由披挂着黑色羽饰的马拉着。
a plume of dust/smoke, etc.

a tall, thin mass of smoke, dust or similar substance, that rises up into the air

After the explosion, a plume of smoke could be seen in the sky for miles around. 爆炸发生后,方圆几英里都能看得见天空中的缕缕烟雾。
plumed uk us /pluːmd/ adjective [ before noun ]

The dancers wore plumed headdresses (= with a decoration which looked like several large feathers tied together). 舞蹈演员头戴羽毛装饰物。

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