Traducción de "protest" - Diccionario inglés-chino mandarín


verb [ I or T ] uk us /prəˈtest/ US  /ˈproʊ.test/

to show that you disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs,

A big crowd of demonstrators were protesting against cuts in health spending. 一大群示威者在抗议削减医疗保健费用。
US Outside, a group of students were protesting research cuts. 外面有一群学生在抗议削减研究经费。

to say something forcefully or complain about something

A lot of people protested about the new working hours. 许多人对新的工作时间表示抗议。
They protested bitterly to their employers, but to no avail. 他们向老板强烈抗议,可一点用也没有。
[ + that ] A young girl was crying, protesting that she didn't want to leave her mother. 一个小女孩哭闹着,不想跟妈妈分开。
All through the trial he protested his innocence (= strongly said he was not guilty). 在整个审判期间,他都坚持声称自己是清白的。

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