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uk /pruːv/ us /pruːv/ proved, proved or mainly US proven

prove verb (SHOW)

B2 [ T, L ] to show a particular result after a period of time

The operation proved a complete success. 这一手术结果大获成功。
The dispute over the song rights proved impossible to resolve. 结果是,有关歌曲版权的争执根本无法解决。
[ L (+ to be) ] The new treatment has proved to be a disaster. 这种新的治疗方法结果是一场灾难。
prove yourself

C2 to show that you are good at something

I wish he'd stop trying to prove himself all the time. 但愿他不要再不停地试图证明自己的实力了。

Más ejemplos

  • The army has proved ineffective in protecting the civilian population.
  • The policy of charging air travellers for vegetarian meals proved very unpopular.
  • The government's claim that it would reduce taxes proved false.
  • Such data will prove invaluable to researchers.
  • Your daughter's attitude only goes to prove how much society has changed over the last 30 years.

prove verb (SHOWING TRUTH)

B1 [ T ] to show that something is true

[ + that ] They suspected that she'd killed him but they could never actually prove that it was her. 他们怀疑她杀了他,但他们从来未能确切证明是她干的。
[ + adj ] They proved him innocent/guilty. 他们证明他是清白/有罪的。
Under the present system, you're innocent until proven guilty. 在现行制度下,在被证明有罪之前你是清白的。
[ + question word ] "I lost £30 on the bus." "That just goes to prove what an idiot you are!" “我昨晚在酒吧花了30英镑。”“那正好证明了你是个多么愚蠢的傻瓜!”
Computers have been used to prove mathematical theorems. 计算机被用于证明数学定理。
That theory was proved false. 那个理论被证实是错误的。
He's so aggressive - it's as if he's always trying to prove something. 他好逞强——似乎他一直想证明些什么。

Más ejemplos

  • It will be very difficult to prove that they are guilty.
  • The crime of rape is notoriously difficult to prove.
  • She only bought that sports car to show off and prove she could afford one.
  • The tape recordings provided enough evidence to prove he'd been involved in the conspiracy.
  • The traces of petrol found on his clothing provided the forensic evidence proving that he had started the fire deliberately.

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