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uk /rɔː/ us /rɑː/

raw adjective (NOT COOKED)

B1 (of food) not cooked

raw fish 生鱼

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raw adjective (NOT PROCESSED)

B2 (of materials) in a natural state, without having been through any chemical or industrial process

Oil is an important raw material that can be processed into many different products, including plastics. 石油是一种重要的原料,可以加工成包括塑料在内的许多种产品。
They claimed that raw sewage was being pumped into the sea. 他们断言,下水道的污水未经处理就被直接排入了大海。

Raw information has been collected but has not yet been studied in detail.

raw data/evidence/figures 原始数据/第一手证据/初始数字

used to refer to a person who is not trained or is without experience

I would prefer not to leave this job to John while he's still a raw recruit/beginner. 约翰刚被招进来/刚开始工作,还是个生手,我不想把这项工作留给他来做。

Feelings or qualities that are raw are natural and difficult to control.

We were struck by the raw energy/power of the dancers' performances. 舞蹈演员们那粗狂奔放、富有激情的表演给我们留下了很深的印象。
Her emotions are still a bit raw after her painful divorce. 经历过那段痛苦的离婚后,她的情绪仍然无法平静下来。

A piece of writing that is raw is one that does not try to hide anything about its subject.

His new play is a raw drama about family life. 他的新剧本是家庭生活的真实写照。

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raw adjective (PAINFUL)

sore or painful because of being rubbed or damaged

The shoe had rubbed a raw place on her heel. 鞋把她的一个脚后跟磨破了。

raw adjective (COLD)

used to describe weather that is very cold

a raw morning 一个寒冷的早晨
a raw wind 刺骨的寒风
The evening was cold and raw. 那个晚上寒冷刺骨。

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