Traducción de "result" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


noun (BECAUSE OF) 因为 uk us /rɪˈzʌlt/

[ C or S ] something that happens or exists because of something else

The road has been widened, but the result is just more traffic. 道路被拓宽,但结果车流量却更大了。
His broken leg is the direct result of his own carelessness. 他自己的粗心大意直接导致他摔断了腿。
I tried to repaint the kitchen walls with disastrous results. 我试图重新粉刷一下厨房的墙,结果却弄得一塌糊涂。
To ensure good/the best results, use Italian tomatoes and fresh basil. 为了保证做好后口味好/最佳,要用意大利西红柿和新鲜的罗勒。
as a result of sth

because of something

Profits have declined as a result of the recent drop in sales. 由于最近销售量滑坡,利润下降了。

[ C usually plural ] a good or pleasing effect

We've spent a lot of money on advertising and we're beginning to see the results. 我们已经花了很多钱来做广告,我们的付出现在开始见成效了。
She's an excellent coach who knows how to get results. 她是个优秀的教练,知道如何取得好的训练效果。

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