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uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/

right adjective (CORRECT)

A1 correct

You got three answers right and two wrong. 你答对了三道题,错了两道。
I set the clock to the right time. 我把表调准了。
"Is that Ms Kramer?" "Yes, that's right." “是克雷默女士吗?”“是的,我就是。”
Am I right in thinking (= is it true) that you will be at the conference? 你要去参加会议,是这么回事儿吧?
You're right to be annoyed - you've been treated very badly. 你生气是理所应当的——一直以来他们对你的态度都很差。
You must put matters right (= make the situation better) by telling the truth. 你必须说出实情,这样事情才会出现转机。

A1 If you are right about something or someone, you are correct in your judgment or statement about it, him, or her.

You were right about Pete - he's a real troublemaker. 你对皮特的看法没错——他的确只会制造麻烦。

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right adjective (SUITABLE)

B1 suitable or correct, or as it should be

He's the right person for the job. 他是做这个工作的合适人选。
I think you've made the right decision. 我认为你作出的决定是恰当的。
The temperature of the swimming pool was just right (= exactly as I wanted it). 游泳池的水温正合适。
That hat looks just right on you. 那顶帽子你戴着再合适不过了。
He thought the time was right to let his intentions be known. 他认为公开自己意图的时机已经成熟。

used to refer to a person who is considered to be socially important or a place that such people go to

She knows all the right people. 她认识所有的头面人物。
He likes to be seen in the right clubs and restaurants. 他喜欢让人看到他出入那些高级俱乐部和饭店。
the right way round/up UK US the right way around/up

in the correct position

The lid has to go on the right way round or it won't fit. 盖子得放正,不然的话就盖不严。
Keep the bottle the right way up. 把瓶子放正了。

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right adjective (MORALLY ACCEPTABLE)

B2 [ after verb ] considered fair or morally acceptable by most people

I don't believe they should have put him in prison. It isn't right. 我觉得他们不应该把他关进监狱,这是不公正的。
[ + to infinitive ] It's not right to criticize people behind their back. 在背后批评人不道德。
[ + that ] It is only (= completely) right that men and women should be paid the same for doing the same work. 只有做到男女同工同酬才公正。

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right adjective (HEALTHY)

healthy, or working correctly

I haven't felt right since I ate that meal last night. 昨晚自打我吃了那些东西,就一直感到很难受。
Something isn't quite right with the brakes on your bike. 你的自行车车闸不好用了。

right adjective (COMPLETE)

[ before noun ] UK informal used for emphasizing when something is bad

He's a right idiot. 他是个十足的白痴。
His house is a right mess. 他家里脏乱透顶。

right adjective (DIRECTION)

A2 on or towards the side of your body that is to the east when you are facing north

Most people write with their right hand. 大多数人用右手写字。
He likes to sleep on the right side of the bed.

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uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/

right adverb (EXACTLY)

B1 exactly or all the way

I've got a pimple right on the end of my nose. 一个粉刺正好长在我鼻尖上。
They built a row of hotels right along the sea-front. 他们沿着海岸修了一排宾馆。

used for emphasis

The car ran right (= completely) out of fuel. 车把汽油彻底用光了。
She walked right (= all the way) past me without noticing me. 她跟我走了个面对面,可是没有注意到我。
I'll be right back/I'll be right with you (= I will return very soon). 我马上就回来。
right away/now

B1 immediately

You'd better leave right now. 你最好马上离开。
right now

at the present time

We're very busy right now. 我们现在很忙。

right adverb (IN TITLES)

used as part of the title of particular people, such as bishops and some members of Parliament

the Right Honourable Diane Abbott, MP 萨拉‧巴斯特议员阁下

right adverb (CORRECTLY)

B2 correctly

Why does he never do anything right? 为什么他老是做什么都做不好?

right adverb (SUCCESSFULLY)

go right

If something goes right, it is successful or happens in a way that you hoped it would.

Things haven't been going right for me these past few months. 最近这几个月,我过得不太顺利。


uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/

right noun (DIRECTION)

A2 [ S ] the right side

English is written and read from left to right. 英语是从左向右读写的。
King's Avenue is the first right (= the first road on the right side). 国王大道是右边的第一条道。
In this photo, my wife is the woman standing on/to my right. 在这张照片里,我妻子就是站在我右边的那个人。
US I took/made (informal hung) a right (= turned into the next road on the right side) after crossing the bridge. 我过桥后向右转。

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right noun (POLITICS)

the right also the Right [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

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C2 political parties or people that have traditional opinions, and that believe in low taxes, property, and industry being privately owned, and less help for the poor

The right was/were in power after 1979. 1979年以后,英国右派政党上台执政。
He's a man of the far (= extreme) right. 他是一个极右翼分子。


B2 [ U ] what is considered to be morally good or acceptable

Your conscience should tell you the difference between right and wrong. 凭你的良知应该能够分清是非。
in the right

If you are in the right, what you are doing is morally or legally correct.


B2 [ C or U ] the fact that a person or animal can expect to be treated in a fair, morally acceptable, or legal way, or to have the things that are necessary for life

She campaigned for women's rights during the 1960s. 20世纪60年代,她参加了争取妇女权利的运动。
Everyone has a right to education. 人人都享有受教育的权利。
She has no more right to a company car than I have (= she does not deserve one more than I do). 她并不比我更有权利要求公司配车。
[ + to infinitive ] You're not my boss, so what right (= authority) do you have to tell me what to do? 你又不是我的老板,你有什么资格批评我?
You have every right (= you have a good reason) to complain. 你完全有理由抱怨。
within your rights

If you are within your rights to do something, you are legally allowed to do it.

I think I'm quite within my rights to demand a full refund. 我认为我完全有权利要求全额退款。
rights [ plural ]

legal controls over who is allowed to use a book or film

He has acquired the film rights to the book (= he is allowed to make a film of the book). 他已经取得了将这本书拍成电影的制片权。
put/set sth to rights

to improve or correct something

The company needs over a million dollars to set its finances to rights. 这家公司需要100多万美元才可以使其财务重回正常轨道。

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uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/ informal

right exclamation (AGREEMENT)

A2 used to express agreement with someone or to show that you have understood what someone has said

"Johnny, you climb up first." "Right." “约翰尼,你打头,第一个爬。”“好的。”

A2 said when you want to make a group of people notice you, especially so that you can start an activity

Right, everyone. Could you all stop talking, and then we'll begin. 好了,各位。请不要再说话,我们就要开始了。

said between parts of a story that you are telling, in order to make certain that people are paying attention and understanding

So there I was right, middle of the night, right, and this guy came up to me... “好啦,我就在那儿,半夜里,对吧,这家伙向我走了过来…”

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rightverb [ T ]

uk /raɪt/ us /raɪt/

formal If you right a situation or a mistake, you make it better or correct it.

It's a terrible situation and we should right it as soon as possible. 这种局面太糟糕了,我们应当尽快使它恢复正常。

If a boat rights itself, it turns itself back to its correct position in the water.

The canoe will right itself if it capsizes. 独木舟如果翻了,它会自己正过来。

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