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roadnoun [ C or U ]

uk /rəʊd/ us /roʊd/

A1 a long, hard surface built for vehicles to travel along

We live on a busy/quiet road. 我们住在一条繁忙/僻静的公路边。
Be careful when you cross a main road. 横过大马路时要小心。
There's a coffee shop on the other side of the road. 在马路对面有一家糖果店。
The road from here to Adelaide runs/goes through some beautiful countryside. 从这儿通往阿德莱德的公路经过一些风景优美的乡村地区。
All roads into/out of the town were blocked by the snow. 所有进/出城的道路都被大雪封住了。
I hate flying so I go everywhere by road or rail. 我讨厌坐飞机,所以无论去哪我都是坐汽车或者火车。
I live in/on Mill Road. 我住在米尔路。
My address is 82 Mill Road. 我的地址是米尔路82号。
Is this the Belfast road (= the road that goes to Belfast)? 这是去牛津的路吗?
Most road accidents are caused by people driving too fast. 大多数道路交通事故都是由于车速过快引起的。
on the road

If a vehicle is on the road, it is working as it should and can be legally used.

My car was in the garage for a week, but it's now back on the road. 我的小轿车在修车厂修了一个星期,不过现在可以重新上路了。

C1 When you are on the road, you are driving or travelling, usually over a long distance.

After two days on the road, they reached the coast. 他们开了两天车到了海边。

If a group of actors or musicians are on the road, they are travelling to different places to perform.

Most rock groups spend two or three months a year on the road. 大多数的摇滚乐团一年有两三个月的时间作巡回演出。

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