Traducción de "ruffle" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


verb uk us /ˈrʌf.l̩/

[ T ] to touch or move something smooth so that it is not even

She affectionately ruffled his hair with her hand as she passed. 她从他身边走过时,亲昵地伸手拂乱了他的头发。
The birds ruffled their feathers (up) in alarm. 鸟惊恐地竖起了羽毛。

[ T often passive ] to annoy or upset someone, or to make them very nervous

He's easily ruffled by criticism. 他受到一点批评都会恼羞成怒。

(Translation of “ruffle verb” from the Diccionario Cambridge Inglés-Chino (simplificado) © Cambridge University Press)