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safetynoun [ U ]

uk /ˈseɪf.ti/ us /ˈseɪf.ti/

B2 a state in which or a place where you are safe and not in danger or at risk

For your (comfort and) safety, we recommend you keep your seat belt loosely fastened during the flight. 为了您的(舒适和)安全,我们建议您在飞行期间将安全带松松地系住。
Reporters may enter the danger zone but unfortunately we cannot guarantee/assure their safety. 记者可以进入危险区,但遗憾的是,我们不能确保他们的安全。
The crew of the ship were winched to safety by a rescue helicopter. 全体船员被救援直升机吊运至安全的地方。
As the gunman opened fire, they all ran/dived for safety behind the trees. 持枪歹徒一开火,他们全都跑/冲到树后以保安全。
Police are concerned for the safety of (= think that something bad might have happened to) the five-year-old. 警方为那个5岁小孩的安全担心。
He was led to a place of safety (= somewhere he would not be in danger, especially of being found and harmed). 他被领到了一个安全的地方。

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