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slopverb [ I or T, + adv/prep ]

uk /slɒp/ us /slɑːp/ -pp-

to cause a liquid to flow over the edge of a container through not taking care or making a rough movement

Careful, you've just slopped coffee all over the carpet! 小心,你刚才把咖啡溅得地毯上到处都是!
Water slopped out of the bucket as he carried it up the stairs. 他拎着水桶上楼的时候,水溅了出来。

Phrasal verb(s)


uk /slɒp/ us /slɑːp/

[ U ] informal disapproving food that is more liquid than it should be and is therefore unpleasant

Have you tried the slop that they call stew in the canteen? 你尝了食堂里他们称作咖喱饭的那个软塌塌的东西了吗?
slops [ plural ] also slop

liquid or wet food waste, especially when it is fed to animals

We feed the slops to the pigs. 我们把泔水用来喂猪。
There's a tray under each tap to catch the beer slops. 每个龙头下都有一个盘子来接溢出的啤酒。

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