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uk /snəʊ/ us /snoʊ/

snow noun (WEATHER)

A1 [ U ] the small, soft, white pieces of ice that sometimes fall from the sky when it is cold, or the white layer on the ground and other surfaces that it forms

Outside the snow began to fall. 外面开始下雪了。
Let's go and play in the snow! 我们一起去玩雪吧!
A blanket of snow lay on the ground. 地上积着厚厚的一层雪。
Her hair was jet-black, her lips ruby-red and her skin as white as snow. 她头发乌黑,嘴唇红润如宝石,肌肤洁白如雪。

[ C ] a single fall of snow

We haven't had many heavy snows this winter. 今年冬天我们这儿没下过几场大雪。

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snow noun (DRUG)

[ U ] slang →  cocaine



uk /snəʊ/ us /snoʊ/

snow verb (WEATHER)

A2 [ I ] If it snows, snow falls from the sky.

It's snowing. 下雪了。
It's starting to snow. 开始下雪了。
It had snowed overnight and a thick white layer covered the ground. 一晚上都在下雪,地上积了厚厚的一层。
be snowed in

C2 to be unable to travel away from a place because of very heavy snow

We were snowed in for four days last winter. 去年冬天,我们被雪困了4天。

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snow verb (TRICK)

[ T ] US informal to deceive or trick someone by talking a lot or by giving them a lot of information

It felt like she was snowing us with statistics. 她总是用众多的统计数据来蒙骗老板们。

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