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uk /skwɜːt/ us /skwɝːt/

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] (to force a liquid) to flow out through a narrow opening in a fast stream

He squirted some tomato sauce on his burger. 他往自己的汉堡上挤了些西红柿沙司。
There was a leak in one of the pipes and water was squirting out all over the kitchen floor. 有一根管子漏了,厨房地上喷得到处都是水。

[ T ] to hit someone or something with a liquid or gas

She was squirting the neighbours with a water pistol. 她在用玩具水枪朝邻居们喷水。

squirtnoun [ C ]

uk /skwɜːt/ us /skwɝːt/

squirt noun [ C ] (LIQUID)

an amount of liquid or gas that is squirted out

The door should stop squeaking once I've given it a few squirts of oil. 我给门上点儿油它就不会再嘎吱响了。

squirt noun [ C ] (PERSON)

old-fashioned a young or small person who you do not consider to be important and who has behaved rudely towards you

I caught my neighbour's son writing graffiti on our wall, the little squirt. 邻居的儿子在我们的墙上乱写乱画时被我逮个正着,这个小东西。

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