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uk /steɪt/ us /steɪt/

state noun (CONDITION)

B2 [ C ] a condition or way of being that exists at a particular time

The building was in a state of disrepair. 这栋大楼年久失修。
She was found wandering in a confused state (of mind). 有人发现她到处游荡,神志恍惚。
Give me the keys - you're not in a state to drive. 把钥匙给我——你状态不佳,不能开车。
After the accident I was in a state of shock. 事故之后,我惊魂未定。
I came home to an unhappy state of affairs (= situation). 我回到家时,心情十分沉重。
The kitchen was in its original state, with a 1920s sink and stove. 厨房还保留着最初的样子,有一个20世纪20年代的水槽和炉子。
the state of play UK

the present situation

The article provides a useful summary of the current state of play in the negotiations. 这篇文章对谈判的现状作出了有用的总结。

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state noun (COUNTRY)

C1 [ C or U ] a country or its government

The drought is worst in the central African states. 中非国家旱情最重。
Britain is one of the member states of the European Union. 英国是欧盟的成员国之一。
The government was determined to reduce the number of state-owned industries. 政府下决心要减少国有企业的数量。
Some theatres receive a small amount of funding from the state. 一些剧院从政府那里获得少量的资金扶持。
formal His diary included comments on affairs/matters of state (= information about government activities). 他的日记中有对国事的评论。

B1 [ C ] a part of a large country with its own government, such as in Germany, Australia, or the US

Alaska is the largest state in the US 阿拉斯加是美国最大的州。
Representatives are elected from each state. 代表是从各州选出的。
the States informal

used to refer to the US

in state

If a king, queen, or government leader does something in state, they do it in a formal way as part of an official ceremony.

The Queen rode in state to the opening of Parliament. 女王隆重地乘车前往出席议会开幕典礼。

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stateverb [ T ]

uk /steɪt/ us /steɪt/ formal

B2 to say or write something, especially clearly and carefully

Our warranty clearly states the limits of our liability. 我们的保修证书清楚地界定了我们的保修范围。
[ + (that) ] Union members stated (that) they were unhappy with the proposal. 工会成员对提案表示不满。
[ + question word ] Please state why you wish to apply for this grant. 请说明申请这笔补助的原因。
Children in the stated (= named) areas were at risk from a lack of food, the report said. 报告中称,上述地区的儿童面临着食物匮乏的威胁。

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stateadjective [ before noun ]

uk /steɪt/ us /steɪt/

B2 provided, created, or done by the state (= government of a country)

state education/industries 公办教育/国有企业
state legislature/law 国家立法机构/法律
state control 国家控制
state funding/pensions/subsidies 政府资助/养老金/补贴

State events are formal official ceremonies that involve a leader of a country or someone who represents the government.

the state opening of Parliament 隆重的议会开幕典礼
a state funeral 国葬

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