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uk /steɪ/ us /steɪ/

stay verb (NOT LEAVE)

A1 [ I ] to not move away from or leave a place or situation

They need an assistant who is willing to stay for six months. 他们需要一位愿意呆6个月的助手。
Stay until the rain has stopped. 等雨停再走吧。
Can you stay after work to play tennis? 你下班后能留下打网球吗?
Because of the snow, children were told to stay at home. 由于下雪,学校已停课,孩子们被告知要呆在家里。

Más ejemplos

  • Can you stay a bit longer?
  • It was cold and wet outside so we stayed at home.
  • You can stay here if you like.
  • Stay and have a drink with us.
  • I'm afraid I can't stay.

stay verb (CONTINUE)

B1 [ I usually + adv/prep, L ] to continue doing something, or to continue to be in a particular state

Stay away from the edge of the cliff. 不要到悬崖边上去。
He decided not to stay in teaching/medicine/the army. 他已经决定不再教书/从医/当兵。
The final figures showed that most departments had stayed within budget. 最终数据显示大部分部门都没有超出预算。
It was so warm we stayed (out) in the garden until ten that night. 那天晚上天气很暖和,我们一直在花园里呆到10点钟。
Put a lid on the pan so the food will stay hot. 盖上锅盖,这样食物就不会凉了。
The shops stay open until nine o' clock. 商店一直营业到9点。
They stayed friends after their divorce. 他们离婚后仍然是朋友。

Más ejemplos

  • She manages to stay cheerful despite everything.
  • Many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat.
  • Biscuits will stay crisp if you keep them in an airtight container.
  • This is so boring, it's all I can do to stay awake.
  • Her proposals would allow more people to stay in full-time education.

stay verb (LIVE)

A2 [ I ] to live or be in a place for a short time as a visitor

I stayed in Montreal for two weeks then flew home. 我在蒙特利尔呆了两周,然后乘飞机回家。
They said they'd stay at/in a hotel. 他们说他们会住在旅馆里。
My kids usually stay with their grandparents for a week in the summer. 夏天孩子们通常到爷爷奶奶那里住上一周。
stay overnight also stay the night

to sleep somewhere for one night

We've arranged to stay overnight at my sister's house. 我们商量好在我姐姐家住一宿。

Más ejemplos

  • I stayed in a marvellous clifftop hotel.
  • We stayed in a fancy hotel near the Champs-Élysées.
  • We stayed on one of the lesser-known Greek islands.
  • The farmhouse we stayed in was completely off the beaten track.
  • They stayed with us for a short time.


uk /steɪ/ us /steɪ/

stay noun (VISIT)

B1 [ C ] a period of time that you spend in a place

She planned a short stay at/in a hotel to celebrate their anniversary. 她计划在酒店小住一段时间,庆祝他们的结婚纪念日。
stay of execution, deportation, etc. specialized

an order by a judge that stops a judgment being performed until new information can be considered


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