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uk /stɪtʃ/ us /stɪtʃ/

stitch noun (THREAD)

C2 [ C ] a piece of thread sewn in cloth, or the single movement of a needle and thread into and out of the cloth that produces this

Secure the two pieces together with a couple of stitches. 缝上几针,把两块布缝在一起。

[ C ] one of the small circles of wool that you make when you are knitting

He cast on/off a stitch (= added/removed a length of thread from the needle). 他加了/拆了一针。
I've dropped a stitch (= lost a length of thread from the needle). 我漏了一针。

[ C ] a particular type of stitch made in sewing or knitting, or the pattern that this produces

a pearl/satin stitch 反针/锻纹刺绣针迹
The bedspread was embroidered with cross-stitch. 床单上用十字绣绣了花。

C2 [ C ] a length of special thread used to join the edges of a deep cut in the flesh

Her head wounds needed 50 stitches. 她头上的伤口需要缝50针。
He got hit with a broken bottle and needed five stitches in his cheek. 他被碎瓶子砸中,面颊上需要缝5针。
not a stitch informal

without any clothes

I don't have a stitch to wear (= I do not have anything suitable to wear) for this party tonight. 今晚的聚会我没有合适的衣服穿。
She ran down the hall to the bathroom without a stitch on (= naked). 她一丝不挂地跑过走廊,冲进浴室里。

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stitch noun (PAIN)

[ C usually singular ] a sharp pain in the side of your stomach or chest, often caused by not breathing enough when running or laughing

I got a stitch after running for the bus. 我追公共汽车追得岔了气。


uk /stɪtʃ/ us /stɪtʃ/

[ I or T ] to sew two things together, or to repair something by sewing

This button needs to be stitched back onto my shirt. 这粒纽扣得缝回到我的衬衫上。
Stitch the pieces together along the fold. 沿折缝将各部分缝在一起。

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