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supporternoun [ C ]

uk /səˈpɔː.tər/ us /səˈpɔːr.t̬ɚ/

B2 someone who supports a particular idea, group, or person

He is one of the president's strongest supporters within industry. 他是首相在任内最坚定的拥护者之一。

B1 UK US fan someone who wants a particular team to win and might show it by going to watch the team play

Thousands of supporters have travelled to London for the cup final. 成千上万的球迷来到伦敦观看杯赛的决赛。

Más ejemplos

  • He is a declared supporter of the scheme.
  • I'd marked her down as a Labour Party supporter, but I was completely wrong.
  • Coventry City football club counted their millionth supporter through the gates last Saturday.
  • She's a self-professed supporter of prison reform.
  • She has been a stalwart supporter of the party for many years.

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