Traducción de "swallow" - Diccionario inglés-chino mandarín


verb [ T ] (TAKE AWAY) 夺走 uk us /ˈswɒl.əʊ/ US  /ˈswɑː.loʊ/

If something large swallows (up) another thing, it makes it disappear or stop existing separately by making it part of itself

An increasing amount of the countryside is being swallowed (up) by the town. 越来越多的乡村被城镇吞没。
Many small businesses have been swallowed (up) by large companies. 很多小企业已经被大公司吞并了。

to use or take away a large part of something valuable

Taxes have swallowed up nearly half of my pay increase. 我的加薪有近一半都被税收抵消了。

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