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swapverb [ I or T ]

-pp- alsoUK swop -pp- uk /swɒp/ us /swɑːp/

C1 to give something and be given something else instead

When you've finished reading your book, and I've finished mine, can we swap? 我们看完各自的书之后交换一下好吗?
We swapped addresses with the people we met on holiday. 我们与度假时认识的人交换了地址。
When he got a job in a bank, he had to swap his jeans and T-shirt for a suit (= he had to wear formal clothes instead of informal ones). 他找到一份银行的工作后,就不得不脱下牛仔裤和T恤衫,改穿西装了。
[ + two objects ] I'll swap you my chocolate bar for your peanuts. 我拿我的巧克力换你的花生。
We spent the evening swapping (= telling each other) stories/jokes. 我们整晚都泡在酒吧,轮流讲故事/笑话。

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swapnoun [ C ]

UK also swop uk /swɒp/ us /swɑːp/

an exchange, or something that is going to be or has been exchanged

I thought Sam's lunch looked better than mine, so we did a swap. 我觉得西蒙的食物看起来比我的更可口,所以我们交换了一下。
UK This comic is a swap (= something that was exchanged) that I got from Nick. 这本漫画书是我从尼克那里换来的。

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