Traducción de "sweat" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Mandarín


verb [ I ] uk us /swet/

to pass a salty colourless liquid through the skin because you are hot, ill or frightened

It was so hot when we arrived in Tripoli that we started to sweat as soon as we got off the plane. 我们到达的黎波里时天气太热了,我们一下飞机就开始出汗了。
The prisoners were sweating with fear. 囚犯们吓得直冒汗。
informal I was so afraid, I was sweating like a pig (= sweating a lot). 我害怕极了,浑身冒汗。

If something sweats, it produces drops of liquid on the outside

The walls in older houses sometimes sweat with damp. 老房子的墙壁有时候会因为受潮而渗出水珠。

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