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twinnoun [ C ]

uk /twɪn/ us /twɪn/

B1 either of two children born to the same mother on the same occasion

My sister has twin sons. 我姐姐有对双胞胎的儿子。
a twin sister 双胞胎姐妹中的一个

one of two very similar things

The two countries are often regarded as economic twins. 这两个国家经常被认为经济情况很相似。

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twinadjective [ before noun ]

uk /twɪn/ us /twɪn/

used to describe two similar things that are a pair

twin towers 双子塔
a car with twin exhausts 双排气管小汽车

existing at the same time

his twin obsessions - women and cars 他的两大爱好——女人和汽车


uk /twɪn/ us /twɪn/ UK
be twinned with

If a town in one country is twinned with a town in another country, the two towns have a special relationship.

Cambridge is twinned with Heidelberg. 剑桥和海德堡结成了姊妹城。

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