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uk /wɒʃ/ us /wɑːʃ/

wash verb (CLEAN)

A1 [ T ] to clean something using water

wash your hair/hands 洗头/手
wash the car/clothes/floor 洗车/洗衣服/擦洗地板
These sheets need washing. 这些床单需要洗洗。
I'll wash the bottle out (= clean its inside) and use it again. 我要把瓶子洗干净再用。

A1 [ I ] US also wash up to clean yourself, or a part of yourself, with water and usually soap

I'd like to wash before dinner. 吃饭前我要洗洗手。
wash well

If a particular material or piece of clothing washes well, it is not damaged or spoiled by repeated washing.


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wash verb (FLOW)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] literary If water washes somewhere, it flows there, usually repeatedly.

She stood on the shore and let the water wash over her tired feet. 她站在岸边,任水漫过她疲惫的双脚。
wash sb/sth up/ashore/overboard

(of the sea) to carry something or someone to or away from a place

Overnight the waves had washed up a lot of rubbish. 一夜之间海水将大量垃圾冲上了岸。
More than 400 dead dolphins had been washed ashore. 400多条死亡的海豚被冲上了岸。
A Spanish crew member had been washed overboard (= carried off a ship into the sea by the force of the water) in the storm. 风暴中一名西班牙船员从船上被冲到海里。


uk /wɒʃ/ us /wɑːʃ/

wash noun (CLEANING)

A2 [ C usually singular ] the action of washing something or a part of your body

Those curtains need a good (= careful) wash. 那些窗帘需要好好洗一洗了。
Erik needed a good wash after playing in the garden. 埃里克在花园里玩过之后需要好好洗个澡。
the wash [ S ]

all the clothes, sheets, etc. that are washed together, especially in a washing machine

Can I put this shirt in (with) the white wash? 我能把这件衬衫同白色的衣服一起洗吗?
"Where's my pink shirt?" "It's in the wash" (= being washed or in a pile of clothes that is going to be washed). “我的粉红衬衫呢?”“正在洗着呢(或在要洗的衣服堆里)。”

mainly US →  washing

have a wash UK

to wash your body or a part of it

I need to have a wash before dinner 吃饭前我要洗洗手。
do a wash UK

to clean clothes, sheets, etc., usually in a washing machine

Are you doing a wash tonight? 你今天晚上要洗衣服吗?

wash noun (THIN LAYER)

[ C ] a thin layer of water or paint mixed with water, especially one that is brushed lightly over a painting to make the lines softer

a blue wash/ a wash of blue 一层蓝漆
Just before the paint dries, I give it a light wash. 油漆即将干透时,我又在上面涂上薄薄的一层。

wash noun (EVEN SITUATION)

[ C usually singular ] US an event or situation in which positive and negative things balance each other

If pollution controls are enforced here, the factories will move to where they're allowed to pollute, so it'll be a wash as far as clear air goes. 假如这里要施行控制污染的措施,那些工厂就会搬到允许污染的地方。因此就空气的清洁而言,这一举措说不上好或坏。

wash noun (FLOW)

[ S ] literary (the sound made) when the sea moves against land, etc.

Outside the house, she could hear the gentle wash of the waves on the beach. 在公寓房间外面她可以听到海浪冲刷沙滩发出的轻柔声响。

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