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noun (CLEANING) 洗涤 uk us /wɒʃ/ US  /wɑːʃ/

[ C usually singular ] when you wash something or a part of your body

Those curtains need a good (= careful) wash. 那些窗帘需要好好洗一洗了。
Erik needed a good wash after playing in the garden. 埃里克在花园里玩过之后需要好好洗个澡。
the wash [ S ]

all the clothes, sheets, etc. that are washed together, especially in a washing machine

Can I put this shirt in (with) the white wash? 我能把这件衬衫同白色的衣服一起洗吗?
"Where's my pink shirt?" "It's in the wash" (= being washed or in a pile of clothes that is going to be washed). “我的粉红衬衫呢?”“正在洗着呢(或在要洗的衣服堆里)。”

US for washing

have a wash

to wash your body or a part of it

I need to have a wash before dinner 吃饭前我要洗洗手。
do a wash

to clean clothes, sheets, etc., usually in a washing machine

Are you doing a wash tonight? 你今天晚上要洗衣服吗?

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