Traducción de "admire" - Diccionario inglés-chino tradicional


verb [ T ] uk us /ədˈmaɪər/ US  /-ˈmaɪr/

to respect and approve of someone or their behaviour, or to find someone or something attractive and pleasant to look at

I admired him for his determination. 我很欣賞他那堅毅的性格。
I really admire people who can work in such difficult conditions. 我實在是很欽佩那些能在如此艱苦的條件下工作的人。
We stood for a few moments, admiring the view. 我們駐足了一會兒,欣賞美麗的景色。
I was just admiring your jacket, Delia. 我只是在欣賞你的夾克衫,迪莉婭,如此而已。

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