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avenuenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈæv.ə.njuː/ us /ˈæv.ə.nuː/

avenue noun [ C ] (ROAD)

C1 a wide road with trees or tall buildings on both sides, or a wide country path or road with trees on both sides

Fremont Avenue 弗里蒙特大街

UK a road that leads to a large house


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avenue noun [ C ] (POSSIBILITY)

C2 a method or way of doing something

We should explore/pursue every avenue in the search for an answer to this problem. 我們應該嘗試一切途徑尋求該問題的答案。
Only two avenues are open to us - either we accept his offer or we give up the fight completely. 我們只有兩條路可走——要麼接受他的提議,要麼完全放棄鬥爭。

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