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uk /baɪt/ us /baɪt/ bit, bitten

bite verb (USE TEETH)

B1 [ I or T ] to use your teeth to cut into something or someone

He bit into the apple. 他咬了一口蘋果。
He bites his fingernails. 他咬指甲。

[ I ] When a fish bites, it swallows the food on the hook (= curved piece of wire) at the end of a fishing line.

The fish aren't biting today. 今天魚不上釣。

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bite verb (AFFECT BADLY)

[ I ] to have a bad or unpleasant effect

Higher mortgage rates are beginning to bite. 較高的貸款利率現在開始出現不良後果了。

bite verb (SHOW INTEREST)

[ I ] to show interest in buying something

The new service is now available but clients don't seem to be biting. 現在有了這種新服務,但客戶好像不怎麼感興趣。


uk /baɪt/ us /baɪt/

bite noun (USING TEETH)

B2 [ C ] the act of biting something

He took a bite (= bit a piece) out of the apple. 他咬了一口蘋果。

bite noun (INJURY)

B2 [ C ] a sore place or injury where a person, an animal, or an insect has bitten you


bite noun (FISH)

[ S ] the act of a fish biting the hook (= curved piece of wire) on the end of a fishing line so that it is caught


bite noun (FOOD)

have a bite to eat C2 also have a quick bite informal

to eat a small amount of food or a small meal


bite noun (STRONG TASTE)

[ U ] If food has bite, it has a sharp or strong taste.

I like mustard with bite. 我喜好味道稍微辛辣的芥末。

bite noun (STRONG EFFECT)

[ U ] a powerful effect

This satire has (real) bite. 這篇諷刺作品很有感染力。

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