Traducción de "boil" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


verb (HEAT LIQUID) 熱的液體 uk us /bɔɪl/

[ I or T ] to reach, or cause something to reach, the temperature at which a liquid starts to turn into a gas

Liquid nitrogen boils at a very low temperature. 液態氮在很低的溫度下就會達到沸點。
She scalded herself on some boiling water. 她被開水燙傷了。
If you give water to a small baby to drink, you have to boil it first. 如果你餵嬰兒喝水,必須先把水燒開。

[ I or T ] to heat a container, especially one used for cooking, until the liquid in it starts to turn into a gas

Could you boil the kettle for me? 你能替我燒壺水嗎?
The pan's boiling. 鍋燒開了。

[ T ] to cook food by putting it in water that is boiling

I've boiled some potatoes for dinner. 晚飯我煮了些馬鈴薯。
boiled carrots 煮熟的胡蘿蔔
boil dry

If a container or food boils dry, all the liquid in the container in which the food was cooking turns to gas.


[ T ] to wash clothes in a container of very hot water


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