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uk /ˈkær.ək.tər/ us /ˈker.ək.tɚ/

character noun (QUALITY)

B1 [ C or U ] the particular combination of qualities in a person or place that makes them different from others

Politeness is traditionally part of the British character. 待人禮貌客氣向來是英國人性格的一部分。
It would be very out of character (= not typical) of her to lie. 撒謊可不符合她的個性。
One of the joys of being a parent is watching the child's character develop. 為人父母的一大樂趣就是觀察孩子的性格發展。
The idea was to modernize various aspects of the house without changing its essential character. 這個意念就是使房子各方面現代化而不改變它的基本特徵。
It's not in his character to be (= he is not usually) jealous. 他不是個愛嫉妒的人。

B2 [ U ] qualities that are interesting and unusual

a hotel of character 獨具特色的飯店
I'd prefer an old place with a bit of character. 我偏愛有特色的老地方。
Old books are said to give a room character. 據說舊書能使房間別具一格。
As people grow older, their faces acquire more character. 隨著年齡的增長,人的臉上越來越具有個性。

[ U ] the quality of being determined and able to deal with difficult situations

She has such strength of character. 她個性很強。

Más ejemplos

  • The area where I grew up has been all modernized and has lost all its old character.
  • It's very tasteful, their house, but I can't help thinking it lacks a little character.
  • Closing the factory would irrevocably alter the character of the local community for the worse.
  • There's a marked contrast between his character and hers.
  • The way he drives says a lot about his character.

character noun (IN A STORY)

B1 [ C ] a person represented in a film, play, or story

The film revolves around three main characters. 電影圍繞三位主角展開。
She had Mickey Mouse or some other cartoon/Disney character on her sweater. 她的毛衣上有米老鼠或另外其他的卡通/迪士尼人物的圖案。
He made his name as a character actor (= an actor who plays unusual and often humorous people). 他以性格演員著稱。

Más ejemplos

  • The Incredible Hulk is a character in a comic who turns from a scientist into a two-metre tall monster.
  • Michelle is the central female character in ITV's latest comedy series.
  • In the movie she's depicted as a very cold and calculating character.
  • The characters in the book are just stereotypes.
  • Charles Schulz created the characters 'Snoopy' and 'Charlie Brown'.

character noun (PERSON)

C2 [ C ] a person, especially when you are describing a particular quality that they have

She's a curious character - I don't really know what to think of her. 她真是個怪人——我真不知道該怎樣評價她。
There were one or two strange-looking characters hanging around the bar. 有一兩個樣子奇怪的人在酒吧裡轉來轉去。

C1 [ C ] informal someone whose behaviour is different from most people's, especially in a way that is interesting or funny

Ted's quite a character/a real character - he's 70 now and still riding that motorbike. 特德真是個有趣的人——現在都70歲了,還騎著那輛摩托車。

Más ejemplos

  • She's a rather odd character.
  • There were some dodgy looking characters hanging around.

character noun (MARK)

C1 [ C ] a letter, number, or other mark or sign used in writing or printing, or the space one of these takes

a string of characters (= a line of marks) 一串符號
The address was written in Chinese/Japanese characters (= systems of writing). 地址是用漢字/日文寫的。
The computer screen on this laptop is 66 characters (= spaces) wide. 這台筆記型電腦的螢幕有66個字符寬。

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