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chopverb [ T ]

uk /tʃɒp/ us /tʃɑːp/ -pp-

B2 to cut something into pieces with an axe, knife, or other sharp instrument

He was chopping wood in the yard. 他在院子裡劈木頭。
Add some fresh parsley, finely chopped. 加一些剁碎的新鮮香芹。
Chop (up) the onions and carrots roughly. 把洋蔥和胡蘿蔔切成大塊。
informal Laura had her hair chopped (= cut) yesterday. 蘿拉昨天去剪了髮。

If something is chopped in business, it is stopped or reduced.

Because of lack of funding many long-term research projects are being chopped. 因為缺乏資金,許多長期的研究專案被砍掉了。

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Phrasal verb(s)

chopnoun [ C ]

uk /tʃɒp/ us /tʃɑːp/

chop noun [ C ] (MEAT)

a small piece of meat with a bone still in it

a lamb/pork chop 羊/豬排

chop noun [ C ] (CUT)

an act of cutting something with an axe, knife, or other sharp instrument

the chop

mainly UK US usually the axe the situation in which your job is taken away from you, either because you have done something wrong or as a way of saving money

If you're late for work again, you'll be for the chop. 你上班再遲到就要被解僱。
Anyone stepping out of line is liable to get the chop. 凡是不守規矩的人都有可能被解僱。
Hundreds of workers at the factory have already been given the chop. 工廠的幾百個工人已經被裁掉。

the ending of a factory, school, etc. or plan

When the reorganization occurs, the smaller departments will be the first for the chop. 進行重組時,較小的造船廠將會首先被砍掉。
Many of these special schools are facing the chop. 許多這樣的特殊學校面臨被裁減的命運。

chop noun [ C ] (MOUTH)


[ plural ] informal the area of the face surrounding the mouth of a person or an animal

a dog licking its chops 舔嘴的狗
I'll give him a smack in the chops if he doesn't shut up. 要是他不閉嘴,我就一拳打向他的嘴。

chop noun [ C ] (ABILITY)

chops [ plural ] mainly US informal

ability and technical skill, especially in playing a musical instrument

The players show their jazz chops and modern sensibility.

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