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coatnoun [ C ]

uk /kəʊt/ us /koʊt/

coat noun [ C ] (CLOTHING)

A1 an outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth

Do your coat up, Joe, or you'll freeze. 扣好外套,喬,不然你會凍壞的。
We need a coat hook on the back of this door. 我們需要在這扇門後裝一個衣鉤。

used as a combining form

an overcoat 長大衣
a raincoat 雨衣

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coat noun [ C ] (ANIMAL)

the hair, wool, or fur covering an animal

a thick/glossy/matted coat 厚厚的/光滑的/亂蓬蓬纏在一起的皮毛

coat noun [ C ] (COVER)

a layer of a substance, especially paint, that covers something

I'll give the walls a quick coat of paint. 我要給牆快速上一層漆。
two coats of varnish 兩層清漆

coatverb [ T ]

uk /kəʊt/ us /koʊt/

to cover something with a layer of a particular substance

When the biscuits are cool, you coat them in/with melted chocolate. 餅乾放涼後,在上面塗上一層融化的巧克力。

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