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uk /kəˈkuːn/ us /kəˈkuːn/

cocoon noun (COVER)

[ C ] the covering made of soft, smooth threads that surrounds and protects particular insects during the pupa stage as they develop into adult form


cocoon noun (PROTECTED PLACE)

[ C usually singular ] a safe, quiet place

the warm, safe cocoon of childhood 童年生活的溫馨安逸、備受呵護

cocoonverb [ T usually passive ]

uk /kəˈkuːn/ us /kəˈkuːn/

to protect someone or something from pain or an unpleasant situation

As a student you're cocooned against/from the real world. 作為一名學生,你處在與現實世界隔離的環境之中。

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