Traducción de "connection" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


noun (JOIN) 連接 uk us /kəˈnek.ʃən/

[ C or U ] when something joins or is joined to something else, or the part or process that makes this possible

The electricity company guarantees connection within 24 hours. 電力公司保證24小時內通電。
It's no wonder your shaver isn't working. There's a loose connection (= a connecting wire has become loose) in the plug. 難怪你的剃鬚刀不轉了,插頭接線鬆了。

[ C ] when people or things are joined or connected in some way

connections [ plural ]

the people you know and who can help you

He only got the job because of his connections! 他是因為人事關係才得到了這份工作!
He has important connections in Washington. 他在華盛頓認識一些很有權勢的人。

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