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uk /dɪˈsɪʒ.ən/ us /dɪˈsɪʒ.ən/

decision noun (CHOICE)

B1 [ C ] a choice that you make about something after thinking about several possibilities

She has had to make some very difficult decisions. 她必須作出一些非常艱難的決定。
The company will reach/come to/make a decision shortly. 公司很快便會作出決定。
Let me have a/your decision (= tell me what you have decided) by next week. 下周前告訴我你的決定。
[ + to infinitive ] It was his decision to leave. 是他決定要離開的。
The decision about/on whether he is innocent or guilty rests with the jury. 要由陪審團來裁決他是否有罪。
We need to take a lot of factors into account in our decision-making. 我們決策時要考慮很多因素。
[ + that ] I accepted his decision that he wished to die with dignity. 他希望死得有尊嚴,我同意他的選擇。

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decision noun (DECIDING QUICKLY)

[ U ] approving the ability to decide quickly and without pausing because you are not certain

She acted with decision, closing the bank account and calling the police. 她採取果斷的行動,凍結了銀行帳戶,並打電話報警。

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