Traducción de "detox" - Diccionario Inglés-Chino Tradicional


noun [ S or U ] uk us /ˈdiː.tɒks/ US  /-tɑːks/

when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health

She went on a 48-hour detox, eating nothing but grapes. 她進行了48小時的節食,期間只吃葡萄,別的甚麼都不吃。
a detox diet 節制性飲食

medical treatment in a special hospital to stop someone drinking too much alcohol or taking harmful drugs

He'd spent 18 months in detox/at a detox centre fighting drug addiction. 他在戒毒中心與毒癮抗爭了18個月。

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