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uk /ɪˈfekt/ us /əˈfekt/

effect noun (RESULT)

B1 [ C or U ] the result of a particular influence

The radiation leak has had a disastrous effect on/upon the environment. 核輻射外泄給環境帶來了災難性的影響。
I tried taking tablets for the headache but they didn't have any effect. 我試著吃了幾顆藥片,但頭痛一點都沒有減輕。
I think I'm suffering from the effects of too little sleep. 我覺得我睡眠太少,健康受到了影響。
She has a lot of confidence, which she uses to good effect (= to her advantage) in interviews. 她很自信,在面試時她充分利用這一點,佔盡了優勢。
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take effect

C1 to produce or achieve the results you want

They had to wait ten minutes for the anaesthetic to take effect before they stitched up the cut. 他們不得不等了十分鐘,在麻醉藥起作用後才縫合傷口。
for effect

If you say or do something for effect, you intentionally do it to shock people or attract their attention.

I get the impression that she uses bad language in meetings for effect. 我覺得她開會時說髒話是在故意引人注意。
in effect

C2 in fact, or in practice

So in effect the government have lowered taxes for the rich and raised them for the poor. 所以呢,實際上政府是為富人減了稅,而給窮人加了稅。
to that effect also to the effect that

used to express that what you are reporting is only a short and general form of what was really said

She said she was unhappy, or words to that effect. 她說了一些她很不幸福之類的話。
He said something to the effect that he would have to change jobs if the situation continued. 他話裡的意思是說,如果這種情況再持續下去,他將不得不換個工作。

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effect noun (USE)

C2 [ U ] use

The present system of payment will remain in effect (= be used) until the end of the rental agreement. 在租期結束前,將會繼續採用現行的付款方式。
When do the new driving laws come into effect? 新的道路交通安全法規甚麽時候開始實施?
The new salary increases will take effect (= begin) from January onwards. 新的加薪標準將從一月份起正式實行。

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effect noun (THEATRE, ETC.)

effects [ plural ] also special effects

B1 lighting, sounds, and objects that are specially produced for the stage or a film and are intended to make something that does not exist seem real

This is a movie worth seeing for its effects alone. 這部電影光憑其特技效果就值得一看。

effect noun (POSSESSIONS)

effects [ plural ] specialized

a person's possessions, especially after their death

It says on the form that the insurance covers all personal effects. 表上寫明,所有個人財產都在該保險承保範圍之內。

effectverb [ T ]

uk /ɪˈfekt/ us /əˈfekt/ formal

to achieve something and cause it to happen

As a political party they are trying to effect a change in the way that we think about our environment. 作為一個政治黨派,他們正在試圖改變我們關於環境的觀念。

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