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esteemnoun [ U ]

uk /ɪˈstiːm/ us /ɪˈstiːm/ formal

respect for or a good opinion of someone

There has been a drop in public esteem for teachers. 大眾對教師的尊重程度有所下降。
Because of their achievements they were held in (= given) (high) esteem. 他們的成就使他們備受尊重。

esteemverb [ T not continuous ]

uk /ɪˈstiːm/ us /ɪˈstiːm/

to respect someone or have a good opinion of them

Her work is highly esteemed by all her colleagues. 她所有的同事對她的工作都十分推崇。
[ + obj + noun/adj ] old-fashioned I would esteem (= consider) it a favour if you would accompany me. 你要是能陪我,我會感激不盡。

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